I have worked with a number of sole traders and solopreneurs in different industries and helped them with a variety of business needs.


Here’s what they have to say……


Hilary and I came across each other via a well known social media site as I desperately needed to be quality assured of a brand new course I was delivering. Hilary was calming, reassuring and extremely supportive. Hilary is truly an honest, conscientious and professional individual. I’m blessed to have found her in my time of need and boy am I thankful.  Please do introduce yourself to Hilary you will get to see just what a lovely,  kind hearted, knowledgeable and just an all round great person she really is. I feel the feedback following given back to me gave a good genuine reflection on my practice and delivery and thanks to Hilary, has boosted my confidence

John Gilmore, New-Start Education


I am so glad to have found Hilary, she has been quite helpful and has helped to minimise my fear of starting a business as a foreign African-American USA citizen and understanding how to navigate the UK business laws as well as Brexit changes. She has helped to take tasks off my plate which have helped me focus more on managing and growing my business. She has been such a diverse kindred spirit and very genuine with her interactions with me from day one. She is a true business partner and resourceful in every sense. I am so grateful to have found her and her knack for making managing a business less arduous. Thank you so very much!!!!

Katrina Williams, Global HR Consultant


I can highly recommend Hilary.  She’s methodical, easy to work with and knowledgeable in many areas of business! It’s just like having a friend help you understand and see the woods from the trees!

Ann-Marie Shine-Newton, Will Writer


Hilary is relatable, knowledgable and reliable. You need Hilary, especially if you are like me, when digital jargon gets the better of you. She will take her time and simplify until it makes sense and you can work it yourself.

Dirk Bollwerk,  Dixey CB Opticians


Hilary has been a great help to me and my business with great ideas and lots of practical help. She is always calm and encouraging and a pleasure to work with.

Kim Nicol, Workplace Legal Solutions


I know I can  email Hilary and make requests and she is good at getting back to me with a result.  Hilary is always very straight as to whether she can or can’t do something.  And she subtly and passively encourages me to learn new things!!!
Hilary has allowed me to make better use of my time by taking on the things that I don’t want to do and am not necessarily very good at.

I have been blessed to have Hilary supporting me, taking on all the bits I hate and leaving me to do the work I love.  She is worth her weight in gold.

Helen Guinness,  Four By 4 Consulting


I was in overwhelm and chaos and did not know how I was going to manage organising what I needed to do. Hilary made it all seem so simple, stepping in and handling what needs to be done. Hilary has enabled me to focus on the things I really need and ‘want’ to do.

Victoria Jahkeline Salomon, Ixchel Therapies



Working with Hilary has been a complete joy. Having her by my side has been like turning on a light and taking off a heavy back pack all at the same time. She brings a potent mix of practical business experience, common sense, understanding and warmth to the role of accountability partner. Her business planning process is simple but very effective because it’s based on what matters to you as a business owner, not on rules or impossible predictions about the future. I thoroughly recommend Hilary; even though we’ve only been working together for a short time, I know she’s going to be instrumental to my success in building a business that works for me, and allows me to do the work I love doing most. Thank you Hilary, you have been a life-saver! I just wish I’d found you earlier in my business development.

Deborah Taylor,  Book Launch Your Business


I got to the point where I couldn’t do it all myself, but didn’t trust anyone else to do it for me. Hilary is patient, methodical, and helps me cut to the chase. She is relieving me of the admin tasks that I don’t need to spend my own time on, and helping me to streamline those processes only I can do, but can now do far more effectively. I’m now getting to items on my To Do list that I thought would never see the light of day

Karen MacDonald Dip PFS, Financial Planner