My Process Support Service can help you focus on building your business and working on it as well as in it.

When you work for yourself you quickly realise that you have to do all the jobs:

                        ~~~ marketing, admin, bookkeeping, health & safety, GDPR Compliance etc ~~~

alongside delivering your product or service.   Although its good to be in control at some point you will find that there are no longer enough hours in the day and you may have difficulty keeping track of the tasks you need to do.  Underlying this is the need to be organised to ensure things are in place when you need them.  Reviewing your processes regularly will ensure that you are working effectively and able to change as your business world changes.


At Cardinal Support Services I can:Process Support Services

  • Set up a document management system
  • Write policies and procedures
  • Provide process design, reviews and improvement
  • Complete content reviews
  • Identify tasks to be outsourced
  • Support risk analysis and risk reviews
  • Support contingency planning
  • Introductions for Health & Safety
  • Complete workstation assessments for your staff
  • Organise your workspace
  • Help with time management tools and techniques
  • Organise First Aid training


If you would like help with any of these tasks contact us contact me today.