Accountability – who is keeping you accountable for your business? You confide in your best friend and ask them about everything.  But do you do the same with your business? If you are already running a successful business then you probably do.  If not, are you making time and who do you turn to?

At Cardinal Support Services I provide a ‘critical friend’ for you to help review your plans and give truthful, productive feedback on ideas and actions.  I can help you:


  • Take time to review your business on a regular basis
  • Review plans
  • Review processes and procedures
  • Review progress towards actions
  • Keep on top of actions your business coach or mentor may have given you
  • Sounding board for ideas and decisions
  • Question decisions
  • Review things that don’t go so well
  • Celebrate successes

There are a lot of group accountability sessions around, so why choose to work with me?  I give you a one to one, personal service, so you only concentrate on your business and so can make more use of your time.

I can provide templates for you to use, work with your existing systems, or identify etter ways of working.

If you would like to a have a critical friend for your business then contact me today.